Prayer Book


This section of the site is still very much under construction.  For the time being, it will only be a collection of scriptures, prayers and the beginnings of liturgy.  The intention though, is to develop it into a proper Prayer Book.


It should be noted from the outset that the English Folk Church does not take a fundamentalist approach to the scriptures of the Christian faith – or to any other for that matter.  Marcion’s ‘Gospel of the Lord’ is included in this section as it is the oldest known Gospel – though is actually a reconstruction of the original.  However, even this Gospel is not viewed as any more than the work and recollections of human beings who witnessed something very special – the Word of God amongst us.  Of more importance to the EFC, will be the Cristemal – or ‘sayings of Christ’ which is currently being prepared.   The EFC teaches that Jesus taught the natural law of God, something that we come to know both through the scriptures and from our own experience.




Gospel of the Lord


Gospel of Thomas